Oshin Rei (oshin_rei) wrote in pageantry,
Oshin Rei


1. What is the name of your state song? Can you sing it or hum the tune?
2. What are the chief products of your state? Which is most important? Why?
3. What is your state's nickname? Why?
4. Tell me some important history about your state (community).
5. Describe your state flag.

And how about another shot?

1. What bothers you most about what is happening in the world today? Why?
2. Which is more important: those who are in the news, those who report the news, or those who interpret the news? Why?
3. What can you learn from children?
4. What feeling is most difficult for you to express? Why?
5. What is it that you do that drives your parents crazy? Why do you do it? Is there a substitute for this?
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