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I was at Miss America all week...

Just thought you'd like another perspective...

Lauren really stood out. Her gown was great and she truly commands the stage when she walks. What I like about her swimsuit is that she isn't anorexic looking...she looks healthy. She obviously has a great voice, they just chose an awful song for her. While her question was not up to par, none of the girls really were. In fact, Georgia had the best answer and the other two didn't answer the question. But honestly, by that point, it doesn't even really matter. I'm convinced that the judges knew who they wanted by then.

Unfortunately, while most there agreed that while Shilah's story is incredible, she isn't exactly the direction Miss America is going for. Miss America is wanting someone who feels really fresh and natural, not necessarily an interview queen (which is why Alabama didn't make it). Shilah was much better in prelims and I'm sorry, but her hair and make up were NOT good. I absolutely love her voice and her past is amazing, but every question she was asked she turned into a sob story about herself.

Personally, I was hoping for Mississippi to be up there in top three. She is, in my opinion, the prettiest of the group.

Georgia was stunning. No question of it. Can't dance. But she had to have had an amazing interview and like I said, she is GORGEOUS. Swimsuit and evening gown were great.

Mississippi's talent was weak, but she really is beautiful. I just loved her. SS/EG also great.

Alabama was pretty and I'm sure she had a great interview, but I think she looks a little bit too mature and let me tell you, had you been there and heard California or Virginia or even Indiana sing, you would have not felt as good about Melinda's voice. She is a darling girl, but they chose the wrong song for her and she just did not compare to the other opera singers. SS was fine, but her gown was not the right choice for her. They should have put her in a better color.

California--Looks like a mom but has THE MOST AMAZING VOICE IN THE WORLD. Oh my heavens. I'm a classical musician and I almost cried on Saturday when she sang. Swimsuit was not good but her gown was ok. She was too tan.

Pennsylvania--Has a mediocre talent, but she has a hot body. It's a bit of a boyish figure, but I'm sure Nigel liked that. Her swimsuit was great. I personally didn't like her evening gown, but that's just personal preference. I can imagine that she had a good interview though, she's a smart girl.

Hawaii--Oh man I wish she had made it into top five! Unfortunately she was strong in talent and weak in everything else, but my goodness....her talent was so entertaining! It really was great.

Utah--My girl! I'm competing in the Utah system this year and I know Katie fairly well. Let me tell you, there was NO way she was going to make it into top ten. She is a great girl and was phenomenal at state, but a lot of things have happened with the board this year and it really took a toll on her and she just did not have the spark at prelims. All I can say is she had to have won interview...she truly is amazing. We were all crying and jumping and screaming when she made it, we just couldn't believe it. She is a great violinist, but her string broke during prelims. Her wardrobe was modest and that's important to her, and just so you know, it was put together in less than three hours (loooooong story). Her swimsuit was fairly awful, and I didn't love her evening gown, although unique. She has an incredible body and I think with the right one piece, she could have done even better. But we are so stinking proud of her!

Washington--I had her picked from the second day of prelims. I knew she wouldn't make top five, but she's just got a spark. Nice voice, passable wardrobe, and I'm assuming a good interview. Very genuine and naturally beautiful girl.

I've been to Miss America for the past three years and never have I felt so happy every single night when heading home after competition. Each prelim winner was right (well, with maybe the exception of Nebraska, but hey, when does Nebraska ever really win anything??), and you could tell that the judges weren't favoring one girl over another. It was very fairly done and I think that they chose the right girl to represent Miss America. She's younger, but she's mature enough to handle it. She's ridiculously kind and genuine and I think she's going to be the right person to take the lead after Jennifer and continue the rebuilding of the Miss America brand. Something else that I am excited about is that they are going for younger girls now. You don't have to be 23 and graduated from college to win Miss America anymore.

Speaking of Jennifer...she looked amazing. Most in attendence felt that she looked much better this year. She's not quite as skinny and they fixed her hair and make up. Oh, and she is a DOLL.

It was a good Miss America. I'm happy. If you have any questions about contestants, I'd be more than happy to answer them!

Kelly Cash is HYSTERICAL. She hosted the prelims and I wish she had hosted on the final night. She's just hilarious.
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